Expectations of Our Residents

1. Respect: Both staff and residents are expected to show respect for one another.

2. Following House Rules: Curfew, signing out/in, visitors, rising by 9:00 a.m. on weekdays are all rules by which residents must abide.

3. Apartment Maintenance: Insure that one’s apartment is ready for a tour at any given moment and that you adhere to a cleaning schedule, that dishes are washed and put away, that there is no clothing on the floor, and that clean laundry is folded or hung and put away.

4. In-House Class Attendance: Unless given prior permission, no resident may skip an in-house class. Tardiness is unacceptable.

5. Goals Meetings: Without clearance from the Social Worker, all residents must attend their weekly goals sessions without fail and come to them prepared with the necessary documentation and preparedness to discuss the events of the week.

6. Church Attendance: Though not a residency requirement, Madonna House strongly encourages attendance at the church of one’s choice to build spiritual awareness and strength of character.

7. Appointment Attendance: It is the responsibility of each resident to follow through with appointments for counseling, KTAP, WIC, food stamps, medical card, and housing. Rescheduling appointments is acceptable if there is sound reasoning, but missed appointments will not be tolerated.

8. Work/School Attendance: Except for emergencies and illness, there is no excuse for not going to work or school. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated and 15 demerits plus a written warning will be issued. All residents will work or attend school, or a combination of both, for 40 hours per week. Anything less will be subject to the approval of the Case Manager/Social Worker and may require a physician’s letter.

9. Outside Counseling: All residents will receive outside counseling, whether through Catholic Social Services, North Key, a similar agency, or a private counselor. Once again, missed appointments will result in the issuance of demerits.

10. Attitude: Maintaining a positive attitude will not only make your physical demands easier, it will improve your interactions with residents and staff alike. Although no one is expected to be “best friends” with other residents, a polite and positive attitude is essential for household harmony.

11. Overnight Stays: Overnight stays away from Madonna House are discouraged. In special circumstances, an overnight stay request may be granted, but not for more than two nights in one occurrence.