Goals of the Madonna House

1. To aid single mothers in housing themselves and their child in a homelike atmosphere with supervision from a resident assistant and/or a program director, the assistance and guidance of a case manager, and with support from volunteers.

2. To aid the residents in completing their education and to utilize existing community programs to further career development or residents may choose to seek full-time employment.

3. To use in-house and community programs to develop proper emotional and physical parenting skills for the residents, as well as provide lessons in nutrition, budgeting, and other helpful life skills.

4. To provide or seek out existing programs that encourage well-rounded, self-improvement habits, including those that discourage subsequent untimely pregnancies.

5. To enable these young families, within a designated time frame, to live independently of our services with the option of participating in ongoing programs.

6. To encourage motivation in these young single parents with a view toward eliminating the need for public assistance or welfare.

7. To work with clients and services of existing organizations in the community and to develop community awareness and support for problems facing the single parent in today’s society.

8. To develop new programs and to implement existing programs for assisting those women who are in need of limited services without needing the entire live-in program.