Rules and Regulations

In order for our home to function more smoothly, we have established several rules. Though the list may seem long at first, you will find that most rules are simply common sense, or otherwise necessary for the house to function effectively. Remember that your time here will not be easy, but abiding by these rules will make your dealings with staff and residents and the transition to single parenthood more successful.

We operate on a three strike system. Upon first offense, a verbal warning will be issued and entered into your file. The next violations will be in writing, issued as strikes, and again placed in your file. Three strikes will result in expulsion from the program. Exceptions to this three strike policy include serious infractions such as theft, arrest, illegal drug use, alcohol consumption on the premises, property damage greater than $500, non-family male visitors in house, endangerment of any life, assault (either verbal or physical), or two warnings for the same infraction.

Upon receiving a third strike you will be given 48 hours to vacate the premises. You will take only the belongings with which you entered Madonna House. All items given to you by Madonna House such as dishes, pots, pans, kitchen accessories, clothing and linens will be left in your apartment. A staff member will be present as you remove your belongings and you may not enter the property without staff approval. Moving out will only happen during the hours of 9AM to 9PM. Violation of this rule will be considered trespassing and legal action will be taken. We hope that these steps will not have to be taken as the staff and board members of Madonna House are here working toward and praying for your successful completion of the program.


Daily Living

1. Residents are responsible for paying $50 per month in rent. The rent is due by the 5th of each month. Residents can earn back the money that they paid in rent, but only with successful completion of the program as determined by the goals counselor, resident assistant, and executive director. If any damage is done to furnishings, walls, floors, etc, the amount needed for repairs will be held out of the amount returned to the resident. Additionally, if an electric bill is still due, the amount of the electric bill will be taken out of the total amount returned.

2. There is a strict curfew for residents: Sunday through Thursday it is 9:00PM, Friday and Saturday it is 11:00PM. This means you should be on the premises by curfew time. The Resident Assistant will randomly check to insure compliance with this rule. The first curfew violations will result in the issuance of a verbal warning. Subsequent occurrences will result in a strike. Unless you are working, going to school, or have prior permission, tardiness is unacceptable.

3. Idleness is unacceptable and all residents are to be ready for their day by 9:00AM. Chores need to be completed prior to leaving the house. Residents who are not in school or employed are required to study, read, clean, or choose a suitable activity that will prepare them for motherhood. There are numerous selections of reading material and videos from which to choose.

4. Residents are required to work and/or attend school for a total of 40 hours per week. Upon moving into the Madonna House, residents have 45 days to satisfy this requirement, unless on a medical maternity leave. If the resident does not have a job or is not attending school after 45 days, a strike will be issued. For every 7 days thereafter that the resident fails to adhere to this policy, a strike will be issued.

5. Residents are not permitted to wear pajamas outside of their apartment. Additionally, residents should wear appropriate clothing outside of their apartment. Appropriate clothing can be defined as clothing that a resident would wear to work or school, and clothing that properly covers a resident.

6. All residents are to sign the “Sign-Out Sheet” when leaving Madonna House for any period of time. A telephone number must be included for one’s destination. Our staff must know where to locate you in case of an emergency or for simple verification of your whereabouts. Residents must list an approximate time of return, and cannot write “curfew” in the designated space on the sign out sheet. Violations of this rule can result in a strike. Guests must also be logged in while in the building.

7. Unless she is working or attending school, each resident is fully responsible for the care of her own child. Leaving a child unattended (including moving about the house or property without a baby monitor) will result in a written warning or, depending on the circumstances and at the discretion of a staff member, expulsion. Legal action may be taken if the situation warrants.

8. Residents are required to have their child with them when they are home, unless the child is at daycare. Residents’ children are not permitted to stay with others for a period of time without the resident, unless the resident is at school or work.

9. Residents are responsible for their own electric bills. Failure to pay these bills may result in a strike.

10. Residents are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food. However, we do receive donations of food on occasion and those items are available for residents use. Please be mindful of others in the house and only take your fair share of food from the pantry. Hoarding of food will result in a strike.

11. Hygiene and cleaning items are available for residents to use. The items are placed in the laundry room and hallway. Only take what is necessary for you to use at the current time. Hoarding of items will result in a strike.

12. Foul language and cursing are discouraged.

13. The consumption of alcoholic beverage on Madonna House property is against policy. The use of illegal drugs or theft on or offsite, will result in automatic expulsion and possible legal action, if deemed appropriate by the staff.

14. Overnight stays away from Madonna House are discouraged. In special circumstances, an overnight stay request may be granted, but not for more than two nights in one occurrence.


Cleanliness and General Responsibilities

1. Each resident is responsible for the upkeep of her apartment. Before bed each evening, we suggest that you wash your dishes and put them away, pick up toys and clothes, and perform a general straightening of your apartment. We expect you to make your bed daily, to place all dirty clothing in hampers, clean clothing in drawers and closets, and to hang wet towels. Kitchen cleanliness is especially important. We suggest that you wash your dishes following their use. Sweep your kitchen and bathroom daily and wash the floors weekly, at minimum. Eating should be limited to the kitchen area. Clean spills and crumbs immediately in order to avoid bugs. If you do eat in the living room, ensure that the area is unsoiled of food or beverage spills. Children who use cups are required to use spill-proof cups, including visitors. Apartments are to be in order before leaving the building.

2. Although we will make every effort to advise residents in advance, we can give tours of each apartment without advance warning. Additionally, there are monthly random apartment inspections. The first failed apartment inspection will warrant a verbal warning. All subsequent failed apartment inspections will be cause for a strike.

3. Residents have assigned chores to aid in the upkeep of Madonna House and its grounds. Failure to complete assigned tasks by Sunday of each week will result in a strike. Sign-off on your chores once complete.

4. Do not leave personal items or trash in common areas.


Health and Safety

1. Smoking is discouraged but not prohibited, at Madonna House. If you smoke, you may do so only in the designated smoking area of the parking lot. Smokers are responsible for the proper disposal of smoking materials and the emptying of ashtrays. Please be sure to thoroughly extinguish cigarettes before placing them in the trash. If you go outside to smoke and leave your baby sleeping in your apartment, you must have you baby monitor with you and turned on. Smoking is a health hazard and has been proven to cause cancer. Research shows that secondhand smoke can cause asthma and other respiratory problems in infants and children. Children must rely on their parents for their well-being and if you smoke around your child, your child may suffer health problems. If you smoke while you are pregnant, you risk an underweight baby prone to respiratory ailments. We will counsel you against smoking. It is against Fort Mitchell fire code to smoke inside our facility; therefore, smoking in an apartment is inexcusable and will result in immediate dismissal.

2. In case of fire, residents are to take their children, along with others for whom they are responsible, to the parking lot. NEVER return to the building until an “All Clear” is given by the Fire Department or present staff member.

3. It is irresponsible to leave a child unattended and, by law, considered abandonment. Never leave your child without your monitor on and with you. If you need a monitor, one will be obtained for you. Never leave your child alone for more than a few seconds. NEVER leave your child unattended in water, even a shallow bath.

4. No open flame is permitted indoors or out. The obvious exceptions are the gas stoves and the gas grill. The burning of candles is strictly prohibited.

5. For your protection and the protection of your belongings, you should lock your door when leaving the building. Staff has a copy of your key. There is a $2.00 replacement fee for lost door keys.

6. Do not give our door combination to anyone. Do not leave the front door ajar unless you are using the front porch. Before leaving the premises, be sure that the back porch door is closed if you are the last one out.

7. Lack of proper car restraints for your child is considered child neglect. It is against the law in all 50 states not to use seat belts, or a proper car seat.



1. Family and non-family visitors may be on the premises until curfew. No visitors are to be on the property after curfew without prior approval from a staff member. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests and must ensure proper behavior and cleanup.

2. Other than immediate family members, no male guests are permitted on site. Visits with your child’s father must take place off the premises. Meeting in a public place is suggested.

3. Unless your guests are immediate family, please limit the number to two people. If you have more than two visitors or the visitor is a male family member, the visit should take place in the community room or on the front porch. All visitors should sign in and out of the visitor log book.

4. For the comfort and consideration of other residents, there are to be no parties in an individual’s apartment. Loud music and T V are prohibited for the obvious: infants and new mothers live here and need their rest.



1. Volunteers will be retained as babysitters for scheduled classes. Residents are responsible for informing their child care volunteer of feeding, bathing, and diaper schedules, as appropriate. Sufficient supplies are to be made available. Contacting volunteer sitters must be cleared with staff. Residents are not to call volunteers without permission.

2. Residents are responsible for securing and paying for daycare services on their own. A resource list will be provided, if needed.

3. Neither Madonna House nor any resident is responsible for providing child care for another resident.

4. Residents may not perform on-site child care services for non-resident children. Additionally, residents may not allow a babysitter to care for their child at Madonna House unless the resident is present. This is for the safety of all the residents at the house.

5. Without a signed permission slip, do not take another resident’s child from the facility.



1. The laundry facilities are free of charge and you are expected to be mindful of the needs of others. Laundry facilities are available from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The last load must be in the dryer by 10PM. Laundry should not be left in the washer or dryer overnight or for extended periods throughout the day. Please set a timer to remind yourself to retrieve it in a timely manner. Please remember to wipe down any spills and to clean the dryer filter after EVERY use. No items may be left in the utility sink as this is the drain for one of the washers. Item left in the sink will cause serious flooding.

2. Do not leave your laundry in the basement. Once complete, laundry is to be taken to your apartment, folded or hung, and put away. Piles of laundry in either the basement or an apartment are unacceptable.

3. Consistent abuse of the laundry room may result in loss of use. Abuse is considered as leaving the machines dirty, the lint filters full, leaving powder or liquid spills, or leaving clean or dirty laundry in or on the machines.

4. The laundry room is generally the first area to be seen by visitors taking a tour. It is their first impression of how we live at Madonna House and its cleanliness reflects on all of us. It is the responsibility of all residents, including the House Manager/Resident Assistant, to insure that it is neat and clean at all times.



1. Residents are responsible for their own transportation wherever they go. If you do not have a car, you will walk or take the bus to your destination. Any resident who is unlicensed will be encouraged to obtain their permit and subsequent license.

2. If you own a car you may park in the space numbered for your apartment. Proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license must be shown. Please ask guests to park on Plantation Drive.



1. Christian concepts class is held once monthly. All residents are encouraged to attend church to develop their personal spirituality by following the religion of their choice. For those wishing to attend Wednesday evening prayer services, curfew will be extended if requested.

2. Because of the importance of spirituality, no resident is excused from all Christian Concepts classes and are expected to request a work schedule respective of this monthly meeting.

3. God is the only constant in our lives and each of us is responsible for taking the necessary steps to enrich our spiritual lives, regardless of our religion.

These rules and regulations are for your benefit. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in strikes or, if deemed appropriate, expulsion from the program. If you have any problems with any of these items, please talk with either the Resident Assistant or Goals Counselor. We are here to facilitate your entry into the world of parenting. But, again, it is up to you. The classes and programs are setup by knowledgeable people to make you the best Christian mother you can be, if that is what you want.

With the Lord to help you, with your hard work and the help of staff and volunteers at Madonna House, you will become the loving, caring, educated Christian mother you have chosen to become by electing to live in this home.

Good luck and God bless your efforts.